Special Design Programs

In the fall of 2004, the Center initiated Special Design programs for schools and groups. Through programs tailored to the needs of a particular learning community, the Center has created a wide range of Special Design Programs for schools, churches, and universities that bring children, young adults and educators into a deep personal connection to the natural world. These programs offer many possibilities for educators to partner with the Center in creating a compassionate human presence to the Earth.

Our Special Design programs begin with an exploratory conversation between Center staff and a teacher or school. When we sit down with teachers to create a Special Design program, we engage in a dialogue about where a possible collaboration might take us. What are the values of the learning community? How might the child-nature reunion be nurtured there? How can we provide continuity of experience for the children or young adults so that their connection to the natural world deepens over time? These are some of the questions that open up possibilities.

These programs are generative and creative, like the natural world itself. Our Special Design programs have also included many faculty retreats. If you are interested in exploring a Special Design program for your school or group, please contact us at beholdnature@aol.com. Fees vary according to program design.

Please click here for a full description of past Special Design programs.

A child walks a handmade labyrinth during one of the Center’s special design programs for a second grade class.