Programs for Adults

In our programs for adults at the Center, we are preparing for a deep change of heart, a deep psychic shift in the culture at large – one educator at a time. We believe that the change that is needed in our time cannot be achieved through sweeping movements, curriculum change, or further exchange of information. Rather, we focus our adult programs on the development of the capacity for inner presence to the natural world.

This is a new social form for working with educators based on the assumption that a shift in consciousness within the educational realm will come only through an inner transformation of the educator, through an honoring of the soul/spirit of the educator as a core value, and through the creation of a community of educators who support and inspire one another on the threshold of a new consciousness for our time – a consciousness that moves us beyond a view of the natural world as a collection of objects into an experience of the natural world as a communion of subjects.

In an atmosphere of trust and soul welcoming, we create a meaningful context for our adult programs by paying close attention to the rhythm of the day. Retreats begin with a moment of silence intended to quiet the mind and create a field of receptivity for the group. Our retreats include solo time in the natural world, time for reflection and sharing, the fellowship of shared meals at lunch, and presentations related to the theme at hand.

One participant in our 2-year program for educators wrote: “I have greatly benefited from the pace, methods, gentleness, and wisdom that have informed this course. Previously, I had an intuitive sense of the sacred, but in many cases, I found it difficult to articulate and share. But now, I find this difficulty to be fading, and as it does, I hope to better share these encounters with the world, and in doing so, have a hand in the future. For this, I’m grateful.”

“Both to know and to be known are activities of the inner form, not of the outer structure of things. This inner form is a distinct dimension of, not a separate reality from, the visible world about us . . . One of the most regrettable aspects of Western civilization is the manner in which this capacity for inner presence to other modes of being has diminished in these past few centuries.”

~Thomas Berry, Evening Thoughts