Presence to Living Earth in Winter

Please join us for a contemplative experience of the cycle of the year through a series of seasonal retreats that offer an opportunity to step beyond the confinement of the contemporary individual self into an awareness of our deep bond to the sacred within creation.

Each of our retreats creates an opening to the inner quality of what we see and hear in the temporal rhythms of the year. Through contemplative participation in the yearly cycle, an awareness of the inner reality of the seasons arises within us and can be brought to expression.

Presence to Living Earth in Winter

Winter Mandalas

With Margery Knott and Marnie Weigel

Date: Sunday, January 22, 2017

Time: 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Place: The Treehouse, Timberlake Earth Sanctuary

1501 Rock Creek Dairy Rd.

Whitsett, NC 27377

Cost: $60

(materials included)

Inspired by Kathleen Raine’s poem “Mandala,” we invite you to join us for a Winter afternoon of poetry and winter walks and the making of mandalas. At the beginning of a new year, we open to what is coming toward us from the future... we listen from that sacred place where our center and the world’s center meet... we remember, with Raine, that “the center of the mandala is possibility of incarnation...”

Margery Knott is a weaver and teacher of all ages from kindergarten to college, who recently moved to Greensboro after raising llamas in the woods of Nelson County, VA. Margery has led workshops in ecotheology and fiber arts, including weaving in several public schools through the Artisans Center of Virginia. In 2003, delicious serendipity led her to several amazing years of study with Matthew Fox’s University of Creation Spirituality. Margery is a graduate of the Center’s Inner Life of the Child in Nature program, Class of 2016, and serves on the Center’s Educator Council Board.

Marnie Weigel is an eco-contemplative artist who enjoys knitting, making pottery, journals, and jewelry. Her creations are inspired by her reflections in silence and beholding in the natural world. Marnie received a BA in Environmental Studies from Warren Wilson College in the beautiful Swannanoa Valley in Western, North Carolina in 1995 and an AAS in Professional Crafts: Clay from Haywood Community College in 2000. Marnie is a graduate of the Center’s Inner Life of the Child in Nature program, Class of 2010, and serves as an Earth Guide and as our resident artist for the Center’s summer programs for children.

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The center of the mandala is everywhere

Wherever the eye falls

The mystery begins to unfold; it is there,

The growing-point of love, the ever-opening rose

Perceived as light on leaf or shadow under,

And in the brooding heart the wings stir

Of the bird whose flight is through a thousand skies...

Kathleen Raine, Mandala