Educator Council Board

In January 2012, the Board of the Center for Education, Imagination and the Natural World took on the new form of an Educator Council as the working embodiment of the Center’s Mission. The Educator Council is guided by Board Wisdoms in which we recognize that our decisions as a Board require that we be in rhythm with the natural world. We therefore make it our sacred intention to proceed with a new kind of respectful listening, to pause with our questions and hold them without insistence on a specific kind of answer, and wait. This approach embraces our connection to the larger locus of meaning and fosters a reverence that is expressive of willingness to listen, to hear and attend.

The members of the Educator Council have all graduated from the Center’s “Inner Life of the Child in Nature: Presence and Practice” program. They are educators who have befriended the work of the Center over the course of many years and with whom we share a bond of intimacy. They bring an interdisciplinary perspective to the work that includes science, psychology, folklore, the humanities and the arts. Collectively, they have served children across all stages of human development. In their personal spiritual practices, the group embraces the full spectrum of wisdom traditions.

Educator Council Members (click here)

The Board creates itself in the image of a circle.